Why and What We Do

What We Do and Why We Do It Well

SAGES provides services in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, including Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, Tampa and Tarpon Springs that increase and enhance access for older persons to the performing arts and opportunities for these seniors to continue working in community theatre. We produce plays that stimulate discussion on the social issues faced by older persons to educate the public through entertainment rather than lecture. In many instances, SAGES can bring a production offstage at your site for fundraising purposes.

POPULATION as given in the Tampa Bay Demographics Report for 2015 has 955,160 year-round residents age 65 and older in this area. SAGES understands that older adults are not one group, but a composite of groups with varying degrees of physical abilities, education and finances that impact their ability to participate in the arts. People are retiring earlier, living longer and have creative potential to be tapped. Participation in the performing arts enhances quality of life for seniors.

PLAYS selected and the venues chosen for performances and the availability of transportation, if needed, in addition to scheduling of performance times and pricing of tickets enable or deter many older persons from participation. SAGES take steps to decrease barriers and increase participation.

OUR MISSION is to produce plays with a positive message on aging. Our plays require minimal staging to make on-site production at facilities serving senior groups possible, thereby extending access to those who otherwise would be excluded by physical disability from theater attendance. The purpose for on-site production may be resident entertainment or marketing to a potential user group for the facility’s services; while production at any venue may be for fundraising through an attendance donation or public service to enhance arts appreciation or intergenerational education. Plays staged at theatre venues are scheduled to avoid commuter traffic and night-driving by use of matinees or appropriate daylight savings hours.

EDUCATION goals include destroying myths about older persons. Barring other factors, intelligence does not decline from age alone and the ability to learn continues into advanced age. SAGES expands opportunities for seniors to continue learning and participating in theater by selecting appropriate plays, using understudies for roles and encouraging audience participation. All program materials are printed for easy reading. Classes in improvisational acting, designed for senior adults, are also offered at various locations by our accomplished Artistic Director, Stephan Alpert.